2019 Rock-of-the-Month

Each month a club member presents a rock for display and discussion. The following are the current presentations:

Attention:  We've updated this page for 2019. Now is the time to begin signing up!  ROTM presentations should be 10-25 minutes, and we request that you submit a summary of your presentation (including photos) for publication in the newsletter and on the website.  If interested, please fill out the Volunteer Form.

 2019 DateRock
 Presenter Snack
 21 Agate
 Pari T.
 A - M
 February 18 Volcanoes Debbie R.
 N - Z
 March 18 Semi-Precious and Precious Stones in Jewelry, Egypt to Modern Day
 Laura H.
 A - M
 April 15 Panel Discussion
  N - Z
 May 20   A - M
 June 17 Toxic Rocks!
 Diane K.
 N - Z
 July 15 Jade Laura H.
 A - M
 August 19 Annual Meet & Greet BBQ Potluck
  N - Z
 September 16   A - M
 October 21 Gold Jim M.
 November 18 Opals Gary K.
 N - Z
 December 16 Potluck/Holiday Party  (earlier start - 6:30) N/A All

 2018Date Rock  Presenter Snack
 January15  Stone Tools and Humanity
  Jim M.
 A - M
  Field Trip First Aid
  Laura H
 N - Z
  Round Table Discussion
 A - M
  Presentation - Citizen Science
  Gregg W.
 N - Z
  Psilomeline  Tracy U. A - M
  Rocks Under the Microscope    
  Eric W.
 N - Z
  Conglomerates and Breccia   
  Jeni L. A - M
 Meet and Greet
 N - Z
  Meteorites and Impact Craters
  Amy B.
 A - M

 N - Z
 Potluck/Holiday Party  (earlier start - 6:30)

 2017Date Rock  Presenter Snack
 January16 Elemental Silicon Daniel B.
 A - M
  Minecraft Minerals
 N - Z
  Debbie R.
 A - M
  Pari T.
 N - Z
  Field Trip Prep
  Bo J.
 A - M
  Jay H.
 N - Z
  Dawn C.
 A - M
  Meet N' Greet: No Rock of the Month
 N - Z

 A - M

  Energy of Rocks
  Grace S.
 N - Z
 Potluck/Holiday Party  (earlier start - 6:30)

 2016Date Rock  Presenter Snack
 January18 Tiger's Eye
 Hal R.
 A - M
 February15 Labradorite   
 Tracy U.
 N - Z
 Dinosaur Bone
 Shanna S.
 A - M
 Carolyn T.
 N - Z
 May16 Amber Amara
 A - M
 June20 Fancy Quartz     
 Grace. S.
 N - Z
 July18 Hematite Jay H
 A - M
 August15 Meet N' Greet: No Rock of the Month
 N - Z
 September19 Chrysocolla Nancy R
 A - M
 October17  Minecraft Minerals   
 Bryce D.
 November21  Silver
 Don W.
 N - Z
 December12 Potluck/Holiday Party  (earlier start - 6:30)

 2015Date Rock  Presenter
 January19 Onyx Jason W.
 February16 Pastelite     George H.
 March16 Peridot Tracy U.
20 Fluorite  Anthony D.
 May18 Ametrine Pari 
 June15 Gallium (and other low melt metals) Don W.
 August17 Meet N' Greet: No Rock of the Month 
 September21 Lapiz Jay H.
 October19 Flint     
 Jim M.
 November16 Magnetite and Hematite Jim. M
 December14 Potluck/Holiday Party

ROTM Archive
  2014 Date Rock Presenter
 January20MeteoritesGeorge H.
 February   17Petrified WoodJim M.
 March17GeodesDon W.
 April21ChrysopraseJay H
 May19TrilobytesLauryn M.
 June16Tiger's EyeMike H.
 July21Soap StoneTracey U.
 August18Meet N' Greet: No Rock of the month
 September15GoldJim M.
 December15 Holiday Potluck: No Rock

2013   Date Rock Presenter
 January21QuartzJay H.
 February   18Orbicular JasperJohn W.
 March18Ammonite FossilsDon W.
 April15ThundereggsJim M.
 May20PsilomelaneLauryn M.
 June17Grossular GarnetJames H.
 July15SodaliteNancy R.
 August19Meet N' Greet: No Rock
 September16NiccoliteCarolyn T.
 Halloween Potluck: No Rock

 November18Nephrite JadeRod C.
 December16 Holiday Potluck: No Rock

JanGarnetElizabeth H.KyaniteElizabeth H.
FebPetrified WoodJim M.FluoriteNorm I.
MarFire AgateDan D.HematiteJay H.
AprAzuriteLarry L.LarimarNancy R.
MayChrysocollaJay H.Beach AgateMiriel M.
JunFossil Shark TeethKatie & Randy H.ApatiteJames H.
JulTiger IronNancy R.RubyLoren M.
AugN/A - Meet n' Greet---N/A - Meet n' Greet---
SepObsidianNathan O.PyriteJim M.
OctAmazoniteJim M.DunhiteChris H.
NovSkarnChris H.MalachiteCarolyn T.
DecN/A - Holiday Potluck---N/A - Holiday Potluck---