Field Trips for 2013

Field Trip Notes

  1. Trip Leaders and Committee into.

Don, Jim, James, Miriel, Nancy

  1. Trip Calendar:

    1. Tower Hill- Herter
    2. Saddle Mountain- Herter
    3. Thulite Mine- Wilcox
    4. Denny Creek- Wilcox
    5. South Skagit Quarry- Ross

New Trips:   Clallam Fossils 

Mt. Higgins Leaf Fossils

Sister’s Range Dunite

Greenwood Area (agate, japser, geodes)

Golden Horn (smoky quartz), tourmaline

JJ Quarry and Holly Meadows (Jasper)

Cedar Ponds Petrified Wood Adventure 

Finney Creek Excursion

Gold Panning 

Green Mountain Garnets

Vesper Peak (gem quality grossular)

Plus others in the works...

  1. Procedure:

Sign up Required for all trips.   Very Important.  All attendees MUST sign up prior to the departure date by either using the online form, or contacting the trip leader.  

Minimum Equipment requirements for all trips-

First Aid Kit


Safety Glasses

GMRS Radio

Cell phone

Water for drinking

Lunch, snacks

Extra clothing

Meeting location:   Southwest side of the Alderwood Target Parking Lot, 7AM

Trip-specific equipment requirements and itinerary changes will be published on the web site prior to each outing.  

Always check the web site for updates and itinerary changes.  ALWAYS check in the night before in case unforeseen circumstances mandate rescheduling or canceling a trip. 


 Field trips are open to all members in good standing who have attended a MINIMUM of 6 monthly meetings.  Participation in a field trip last year, regardless of membership duration, grandfathers into this status for 2013.

Review the Difficulty Classification System

Class 1  No approach.  Drive to the site and collect.

Class 2  Short hiking required, less than 1/4 mile, with modest elevation gain.

Class 3  Hiking more than 1/4 mile over good tread with moderate elevation gain.

Class 4  Aggressive hiking over steep trail, some scrambling likely.  Requires significant conditioning.

Class 5  Aggressive hiking, scrambling and climbing to reach the collecting site. 

Paid Fee Mining Sites under investigation:

Spruce Canyon

Rock Candy Mountain


This weekend starts.

    Saturday and Sunday, class work 9 to 4 PM

    Next week:  9 to 4,  but you’ll be leaving much earlier.