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Maplewood Clubhouse

Maplewood Rock & Gem Club
8802 196th St SW, Edmonds WA. 98026

We will keep you informed of changes as soon as we can.
Please check back!


We are now having our general meetings on Zoom!
If you would like to join us please drop us a line at
and we'll get you on the list !


Hello everyone. We would like to take a minute and let everyone know that we have officially decided to cancel all of the remaining shows this year.

That is November & December of 2020.

We are deeply sorry to have to maintain this decision, but we want to continue to make sure we can help keep not only our vendors, but our guests as safe as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We hope to see you all at the next zoom meeting as I look to the day we can meet again.

Maplewood Rock & Gem Club

Starting March 19th, the
Lapidary Shop will also be closed.
Re-open date TBD


In response to the growing concern with the COVID-19 outbreaks in both Snohomish & King county, Maplewood Rock & Gem club has agreed to cancel the March General meeting in an ongoing effort to help minimize exposure.

July 20th,2020
Monday - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Come and meet and get to know members of your club.
Learn more about your neighbors and fellow rock-hounders. 

Rock of the Month:  Join us as we explore using Zoom to connect with fellow Maplewood members to continue to enjoy our love of rocks and community.


Join us for our monthly general meeting. The meeting is open to all members. Guests are always welcome and do not need to be associated with any member. Feel free to stop by and check out our club.

Snacks: We encourage club members with last names ending in A-M to bring a small snack to share during our social hour

CoVid-19 and
Maplewood R&GC

Dear friends,

These are difficult times. Our meetings, shows, lapidary shop time and most other activities are cancelled - but we are not cancelled! 

We are still a community, we still care. 

Please don't hesitate to ask for help and also don't hesitate to offer help. We need to work together while being apart.

Please stay safe, healthy and somewhat sane. I am thinking about all of you and can't wait to see you again, whenever that may be.


Maplewood Rock & Gem Club
fosters community spirit by encouraging the exploration of lapidary arts and appreciation of the earth sciences of geology, fossils, minerals, and gem stones. Members join together to enjoy each other's company as we explore new avenues of learning through field trips, lectures, seminars, craft workshops, 
special shows and events.

Maplewood welcomes adults,
youth and junior members
who actively contribute to
the growth and liveliness
of the group.