Maplewood Rock & Gem Club

2018 Officers & Board Members

President:  Diane Korf
Vice President:  Mel Milnes
Secretary:  Carla James
Treasurer:  Blair Wright

2017-2018 Board Members:
  • Mary Ann Collins (president-emeritus)
  • Cindy Wright
  • Mikle Collins
  • John Wolfe

2018-2019 Board Members:

  • James Davison
  • Eric Adams
  • Lorie Johnson
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for all OPEN positions!!!!
2018 Committee Chairs:
  • August Sale: Committee (TBD)
  • December Bazaar:  Committee (TBD)
  • Building: John Blomberg
  • Kitchen: Dawn Connor
  • Bulletin Boards: Amy B.
  • Field Trips: *** OPEN
  • Historian - Jeni L.
  • Juniors: Pete Leventhal
  • Lapidary Shop: Mike Collins, and James Davison
  • Library: Marguerite D.
  • Membership: Nancy Ross
  • Mineral Council: Diane Korf
  • Newsletter Editor:  John W.
  • November Show: Committee (TBD)
  • Publicity: Bev R.
  • Parliamentarian: Eric Adams
  • Recorder/Historian: Howard Boswell
  • Reporter: *** OPEN
  • Rental Agent: Tracy Ulbricht
  • Standing Rules and Committees: Jeni L.
  • Sunshine: Nancy Ross
  • Ways & Means: Cindy Wright
  • Interwebs/Facebook: Don W.

*** Note: the fields which are "Open."  This means we need good people to fill these slots! For more information about being a Committee Leader, or to help with any other committee, please send fill out the club Volunteer Form. Remember: an organization is only as good as the volunteer efforts put forth - please help!