to Club By-Laws

Maplewood Rock & Gem Club


Approved by the board on November 2008

1. Banking

  1. All banking shall be done in one bank, in one account unless specifically allocated to savings or certificate.

  2. Revolving petty cash fund shall be established for the following committees.

    1. Building superintendent - $60.00

    2. Ways and Means - $50.00

    3. Newsletter - $50.00

    4. Sunshine- $15.00

    5. Lapidary workshop - $50.00

    6. Kitchen - $30.00

    7. Membership - $40.00

  3. Each committee chairman is responsible for keeping up the petty cash fund accounting. Funds are replenished upon submitting receipts to the club Treasurer.

  1. Executive Board

    1. The Board shall meet monthly, on the first Thursday of each month at the Maplewood Clubhouse.

    2. Seven (7) board members constitute a quorum of the executive board.

    3. The January board meeting shall include both incoming and out-going Board Members, for their annual planning session, in which they turn over information relating to offices and duties.

    4. Past President’s, Treasurer’s and Secretary’s pins shall be given to the President, Treasurer and Secretary at the termination of their terms of office, at the January general membership meeting. A past Vice President’s pin shall also be given to a Vice President who does not ascend to the Presidency.

    5. A roll call shall be taken of the Board Members at each meeting and the names published in the meeting minutes.

    6. A Board Member should notify the President or another Board Member if unable to attend.

    7. All members and committee chairs are welcome at any board meeting. They shall enjoy all privileges of the floor, and make recommendations, but shall not exercise the right to vote within the Executive Board.

  2. Disposal of Property

a. Any and all withdrawals, or pledging, or mortgaging, or disposing of more than 50 percent of the principal of the savings or investment certificates, requires a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of


Revised November 2008 Page 1

members voting at any regular, or special, membership meeting, and after publishing in one issue of the club newsletter prior to such meeting.

  1. The Executive Board, at its own discretion, and with a unanimous vote, may order the use of savings or certificates up to 50 percent of available funds to meet emergency repairs or to come into compliance with insurance, legal, or governmental regulations.

  2. The interest earned by any savings certificate or investment shall be deposited to the club passbook savings account for use as needed and determined by the Executive Board.

  3. The club checking and savings accounts are specifically exempt from any restrictions of preceding paragraphs, and are to be used by the board for club operating expenses.

4. Standing Committees and Other Appointments

  1. The incoming President shall make the following appointments and present the names for approval by the Board at the January Board meeting.

    1. Building Superintendent

    2. WA Mineral Council / Field Trip

    3. Kitchen

    4. Librarian

    5. Maplewood News Editor

    6. Membership

    7. Club Recorder/Parliamentarian

    8. Publicity

    9. Rental Agent

    10. Summer Gem & Mineral Sale

    11. Fall Annual Show

    12. Sunshine

    13. Ways and Means

    14. Lapidary W orkshop

    15. Juniors Chairman

    16. Bulletin Boards

    17. Showcases

  2. The President may make any other appointments she/he deems necessary, with approval of the Board.

5. Membership

a. Dues shall be paid to the Membership Chairman, who will sign and issue receipts. The money shall be turned over to the Treasurer and a current membership list shall be given to the Secretary and Treasurer.


Revised November 2008 Page 2

  1. The Membership Chairman will have the responsibility to update this list and shall publish such changes in the Maplewood News as they occur.

  2. The Memberships Chairman shall introduce all new members to the membership and present them with a membership packet, which includes: welcome letter, workshop rules, show flyers, Treasurer’s reimbursement form, website information for club By Laws and Standing Rules, copies of the application form letter, rental agreement.

  3. The Membership Chairman shall be responsible for obtaining the club Name Badges.

  1. Annual Dues

    1. All members shall pay annual dues, which give them the rights and privileges of membership. Dues are:

      1. Family $45

      2. Adults $20

      3. Student $15

      4. Charter no charge

    2. Membership renewal of dues is due on January 1. Non-payment of dues by January 31 will incur a $10 late payment penalty and suspension of club benefits. If the dues plus the late fee are not received by the end of February, the member will be dropped from the club roster.

  2. Annual Show

    1. An annual show shall be held the second weekend in November featuring displays of the membership.

    2. The past President shall act as show chair for the November show.

  3. Club Affiliations

    1. Membership shall be maintained in the, Washington State Mineral Council.

    2. The President shall make the following annual appointments with consent of the Board:

i. One representative to the Mineral Council

  1. Maplewood News

    1. Editorship of the Maplewood News is limited to two years.

    2. Any special notice concerning club business shall be in BOLD PRINT in the Maplewood News.

    3. The Editor may sell commercial advertising space in the News at the rate of $10.00 per page; thepagemaybedividedandpro-rated. Thereisnochargefornon-commercialadsbyClub members, qualifications for such ads being at the discretion of the Editor.

    4. An extra copy of the News must be given each month to the Club Recorder.

    5. Committee vacancies will be printed in the Maplewood News, with a request for volunteers to fill these areas.

  2. Kitchen


Revised November 2008 Page 3

  1. Income from sales of food at the shows or special projects shall be turned over to the Treasurer.

  2. Refreshment volunteer for the general meetings may be reimbursed $20 per month.

11. Sunshine

a. The Sunshine Chairman may send an appropriate card for a member’s illness or in case of a death a gift or donation to a memorial fund not to exceed $50.00.

12. Workshop

  1. The committee chairman will designate workshop hours.

  2. Participants in the workshop shall help with the cleanup.

  3. Use of the equipment must be rotated so that all can have equal time in learning, and shall be used by club members only, including juniors with supervision.

  4. The Workshop Chairman or any designated instructor shall supervise all equipment in the Workshop, and shall have authority to stop any misuse.

  5. The Workshop shall be kept locked at all times when not in use for Workshop or Club functions.

  6. Workshop Chairman or designated instructor shall be responsible to see that all safety precautions are followed.

  7. In order to use equipment in the Workshop, junior members must be at least ten years old and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

13. Library

  1. A 25-cent fine shall be charged to members not wearing name pins at a general meeting. Pin fine money is to be used for the purchase of library books.

  2. Library rules to be posted inside the library cupboard door, are as follows:

  3. The Library will be open every meeting night by 7:30 p.m.

  4. Books checked out are due back the next regular meeting. They may be renewed if no one else is waiting for them.

  5. Borrowers returning late books are requested to make a donation to the library book fund.

14. Use of Club House

  1. Rentals shall be made only to groups that have approval of the Rental Agent.

  2. “Rules and Regulations for Tenants” of the Clubhouse shall be approved by the Executive Board and included as a part of the Rental Agreement signed by each tenant.

  3. Rentals shall be made to Club members at one-half of non-member rate per use. Rental to non-members shall be $250.00 plus a $250.00 clean up deposit.

  4. No intoxicating beverages may be consumed upon the Club premises, except as specifically authorized by the Board or Rental Agent.

  5. Rental fees shall be reviewed by executive board as needed.

15. Registered Agent


Revised November 2008 Page 4

a. The Registered Agent shall be the duly elected Club Treasurer, and it shall be his/her responsibility to comply with all State Laws.

  1. Club Recorder

    1. The Club Recorder shall maintain an up-to-date and official copy of the By-Laws and Standing Rules at all times.

    2. The By-Laws and Standing Rules shall be reprinted and made available in the yearly annual.

  2. Safe or Safe Deposit Box

    1. The club safe or bank safe deposit box, contains all the legal documents of the club, including savings or investment certificates, a spare set of keys for the buildings, rooms and lockers, Articles of Incorporation, or other legal papers. The President and Treasurer shall have access to this box and hold the keys for it.

    2. Current custom is that specified Board Member shall hold the spare set of keys, and have an annually updated sign out sheet of who holds keys to various cabinets and doors.

  3. These Standing Rules may be modified, rescinded or suspended by a majority vote of the Executive Board, or by a majority vote of the membership present at a regular or special meeting.