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Maplewood Rock & Gem Club BYLAWS

Section 1.01 NAME: This club shall be known as the Maplewood Rock & Gem Club, founded in

1952, and re-established as a non-profit organization in 2008.

Section 1.02 PURPOSE: The purpose of this club is to foster community spirit by encouraging the lapidary arts and appreciating the earth sciences of geology, fossils, minerals, and gemstones. Members join together to enjoy each other’s company as we explore new avenues of learning through field trips, lectures, seminars, craft workshops and special shows and events.

Section 2.01 ELIGIBILITY: Any person/family who is interested in upholding the purpose of

the club is eligible to apply for membership.

Section 2.02 TYPES OF MEMBERSHIP: There are four categories of membership: Adult, Family, Student, and Charter.

  1. (a)  Adult All adults eighteen [18] years of age or older

  2. (b)  Family The combination of any adult, student and charter members residing at the same

    physical address.

  3. (c)  Student Junior and youth members, 5-18 years of age, who fulfill the eligibility requirements andhaveaparentorsponsortoaccompanythemtomeetingsandactivities. Inlieuofparental involvement, written permission by parent or guardian may be given for a Maplewood member to sponsor and attend activities with the child or youth. Students, age 18 or older, may use the shop with parental or sponsor guidance. Adults who are currently enrolled in college, through the age of 22, are eligible under the Student membership.

  4. (d)  Charter those members who became affiliated during the first year of the club’s charter in 1952 and have maintained membership continuously from that time forward.

Section 3.01 YEAR: The fiscal year of this organization begins on the first day of January each



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Section 4.01 ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER: Roberts Rules of Order, revised, unless otherwise provided for in these By-laws, shall govern all meetings of this organization, its Executive Board, and the duties of the officers. (See Introduction to Roberts Rules of Order)

Section 4.02 ANNUAL MEETING (ELECTIONS): This organization’s annual meeting is the regular club meeting in November, usually the third Monday of the month.

Section 4.03 REGULAR MEETINGS: Regular meetings are held the Third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Date and time may be changed by majority vote at a general meeting after one previous, and one succeeding, notice in the newsletter.

Section 4.04 SPECIAL MEETINGS: The Secretary calls special meetings upon the request of the President or Executive Board, or ten (10) members in good standing. Notice of such meeting will be mailed to all members in good standing at least five (5) working days before such meeting date.

Section 4.05 QUORUM: Twenty percent (20%) of membership constitutes a quorum for a general business meeting.

Section 5.01 ELECTION OF OFFICERS - Election of officers, and other Board Members, is held

at the annual (election) meeting of the organization.

(a) Officers are voted in for two-year terms

(b) Board members at-large are voted in for two-year terms, at staggered intervals, (three of the six positions are up for renewal every year.)

Section 5.02 OFFICERS: Officers include: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

They shall hold office from the date of installation until the next date of installation, or until their successors are elected and qualified. In case of resignation, the President appoints replacements for the remainder of the term. The Office of Secretary may be split into Corresponding Secretary and Recording Secretary, as necessary. The Office of President may be split into two co- Presidents, under extraordinary circumstances, and with simple majority vote of membership, during the election meeting.

Section 5.03 INSTALLATION: All elected officers and other Board Members shall be installed for their term of office at the annual installation. The installation meeting is the regular January meeting.


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Section 5.04 NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The President appoints two or three members to the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee:

(a) Solicits nominees for open positions;
(b) Publishes the preliminary nominations in the October newsletter and (c) Announces the list of nominees at the October general meeting

Section 5.05 FLOOR NOMINATIONS: Nominations may be made from the floor at the October general meeting, with approval of the nominated person. A member may nominate his/herself.

Section 6.01 CONSTITUENCY: All of the affairs, properties and assets of the corporation shall

be managed by the Executive Board, unless otherwise noted here. The Board consists of:

  1. (a)  Four officers,

  2. (b)  The immediate past president (or co-president, when one exists)

  3. (c)  Should the immediate past president be unable to serve, an alternate board-member at-large shall be appointed to serve the remainder of the term, and

  4. (d)  Six [6] Board Members-member-at-large

Section 6.02 These eleven (11) board members are to be elected at the November general

membership meeting and affirmed at the installation meeting.

Section 6.03 BOARD MEETINGS The Executive Board meets monthly, on the first Thursday of each month.

The January board meeting shall include both incoming and out-going Board Members, for their annual planning session, in which they turn over information relating to offices and duties.

Section 6.04 QUORUM FOR BOARD MEETINGS: Seven (7) board members constitute a quorum of the executive board.

Section 6.05 MEMBERS WELCOME: All members and committee chairs are welcome at any board meeting. They shall enjoy all privileges of the floor, and make recommendations, but shall not exercise the right to vote within the Executive Board.

Section 6.06 DISPOSAL OF PROPERTY: None of the property of the corporation, real or personal, shall be sold, pledged, mortgaged, or otherwise disposed of, except by two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members voting at any regular or special membership meeting. Notice of

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such voting or meeting will be published in one (1) prior issue of the club newsletter. Exceptions to this is the disposal of essentially worthless items, at the direction of the Executive Board or lapidary items donated to the club, which are under the control of the Ways and Means Committee, the Shop, or the subgroup, like the Juniors.

Section 7.01 APPOINTMENT: The President, with the approval of the Executive Board,

establishes and appoints committees deemed necessary and proper.

  1. (a)  The names of the committee chairs will be printed in the first issue of the newsletter after the elections, or the annual report, with any vacancies noted.

  2. (b)  The membership chair, and all board members, actively encourages new members to sit on the committee of their choice.

  3. (c)  The Standing Rules provide further guidelines on the function and constitution of committees.

Article VIII. DUTIES OF OFFICERS Section 8.01 PRESIDENT: The President

  1. (a)  Presides over all regular and special meetings. She/he shall preside at all Executive Board meetings. Casts tie-breaking vote

  2. (b)  Appoints all committee chairs, who in turn appoint their committees and alternates. All members are encouraged to join a committee

  3. (c)  Brings before the membership all matters that come to attention, which may have a bearing upon operations or functions of the club

  4. (d)  Makes appointments to fill any vacancy occurring on the Executive Board or committee chair. (A vacancy may occur when a person is unable to fulfill requirements of the position for two consecutive months, unless otherwise excused)

  5. (e)  Appoints an auditing committee to audit financial records, annually

  6. (f)  Signs checks in the absence of the Treasurer

  7. (g)  Signs all legal documents and fund withdrawals (except checks) in conjunction with the Vice President or Treasurer, as needed

Section 8.02 VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President (a) Assists the President in her/his duties


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  1. (b)  Signs checks in the absence of the Treasurer and President

  2. (c)  Assumes all presidential duties in the absence of the President

  3. (d)  Signs all legal documents and fund withdrawals (except checks) in conjunction with the President or Treasurer, as needed

Section8.03 SECRETARY: TheSecretary
(a) Assists the President at all times
(b) Takes minutes of all meetings, both regular and board
(c) Reports minutes to the editor of the newsletter
(d) These functions may be split into recording and corresponding secretaries, as needed

Section 8.04 TREASURER: The Treasurer:

  1. (a)  Acts as the legal representative for club interests in dealing with the public and government

  2. (b)  Receives all moneys, (except for shop/workshop fees and materials: for lapidary, crafts or special workshops)

  3. (c)  Pays operating expenses less than $500.00. Prepares all expenditures above $500.00 for board approval prior to payment

  4. (d)  Keeps adequate records of expenditures and receipts

  5. (e)  Makes all records available to the auditing committee

  6. (f)  Signs all legal documents and fund withdrawals (except checks in conjunction with both the Vice President and President, as needed

  7. (g)  Oversees the safety of the safe or safe deposit box, containing the legal documents of the club

  8. (h)  Disbursement of funds, except petty cash, shall be by check. The check shall require the signatures of the Treasurer. In the absence of the Treasurer, either the President or Vice President may sign checks

  9. (i)  The Treasurer represents the legal face of the club to the community. All legal documents and fund withdrawals (except checks) require the signature of two authorized persons

Section 9.01 RECORDS OF MEMBERSHIP: All member families or households shall enter in

the records of the Membership Chairperson, their mailing addresses to which all notices will be


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sent. The mailing of notices to the last address of record shall be deemed good, sufficient, and valid service of such notice upon the members.


Section 10.01 VOTE: These By-laws may be amended at any regular or special membership meeting by two thirds (2/3) vote of members voting, in a meeting validated by quorum. Notice of such meeting shall be made in a previous general meeting and one announcement in the newsletter or other mailing to all members prior to the vote. 

Revised November 2008