JJ Quarry Information Page

JJ Quarry Field Trip

Saturday, May 11th

Material:  Holly Jasper, Petrified Wood

Difficulty Class 4- strenuous hike to collecting area

Please make sure to watch the Video Briefing before signing up for this trip.

Equipment List:

Sturdy backpack (not a day pack)

Sturdy Clothing, long sleeve shirts (some bush-wacking)

Rain Gear

Sturdy hiking Boots, no tennis shoes

First Aid kit

3 liters of water

Lunch and extra food

Paleo pick, rock hammer, or short pick axe

Work gloves

Communications radio

Trash bag

There are no bathroom facilities in this area.  

This is a class 4 trip.  Access to the quarry requires a 2 mile hike, ½ mile of which is over a deeply bermed road with over 20 berms to cross.   The bermed section comes first, but the trail on the other side is essentially a road, which is easy to walk.  Bringing a mountain bike will make the trip much easier, and is worth hauling over the first half mile section.  

The quarry had been closed for years, but this year has been a source of roadfill for local construction.  We do not have access to the gated roads.  The recent activity, however, has exposed much more material, and collecting this year has been excellent.

If there is time, those individuals with mountain bikes can ride 2 miles down the road to Holly Meadows, where abundant float jasper of many varieties can be found.  Holly Meadows does not produce any Holly Jasper however.  


6:45 AM meet at SW corner of the Alderwood Target

7:00  AM  depart for trial head.

8:00  AM  Arrive at trail

8:30  AM begin hiking to the collecting area

10:00 AM  Arrive at JJ Quarry

(with mountain bikes, arrive JJ Quarry 9:15 AM)

1:00 PM  Pack up and begin walking back to the car

3:00 PM Arrive back at the trailhead.

4:00 PM  Arrive Lynnwood.

Remember, you must SIGN UP for this trip to attend.