Stubbs Hill Driving and Hiking Directions

Drive east on Highway 2 to the stoplight in downtown Sultan. Turn right (south) at
the stoplight and cross the bridge over the Skykomish River. Continue south to the
intersection with Ben Howard Road and turn right. Follow the twists and turns of Ben
Howard Road to the intersection with Cedar Ponds Road.

Turn left (south) on Cedar Ponds Road and immediately set your trip odometer to
zero. At 1.0 mile from the intersection, Cedar Ponds Road makes a 90-degree bend to
the right and the pavement ends. Keep going. At 1.3 miles there is a fork in the road –
take the right fork and stay on the main road. Shortly after crossing a bridge, there will
be a BLUE gate on the left at 3.4 miles. This is DNR gate #1018. Park near the gate, but
not directly in front of it. This is where the hiking begins.

The trail to the summit of Stubbs Hill is actually an inactive logging road. The hike to
the collecting site is just under a mile long with an elevation gain of 400 feet. The road
is very passable for hikers, but locally soft and muddy. At about 0.2 miles, the road turns
sharply right. There is a nearby small and very overgrown spur on the right -- ignore this
and continue on the main road. Continue across a small creek that crosses under the road,
then up the other side of the creek valley. You will pass two road spurs on the LEFT -

- ignore these and continue on the main road. At about 0.6 miles, the road makes a 180-
degree turn to the RIGHT and begins an upward climb around Stubbs Hill. Follow the
road up the hill until the grade flattens and the road turns to the LEFT. Look for an arrow
in the road made of rocks that points to the RIGHT. The arrow points toward a trail that
leads down the hill to a number of digging pits. Red jasper can be found anywhere along
the logging road near the stone arrow and down the hill to the digging pits.