Stubbs Hill Information Page

Collecting Trip for Stubbs Hill Jasper

General Information:

This field trip visits the Stubbs Hill collecting site located between Sultan and Duvall,
Washington. The collecting site is accessed after a hike of about one mile (details in the
directions below). Rockhounds have collected at Stubbs Hill for many years, but there
remains red jasper to be found in veins within volcanic host rock. Crevicing in the native
rock is hard work and can be dangerous in existing pits with overhanging banks. An
easier and safer option for collecting colorful jasper is to dig in road fill debris near the
crest of Stubbs Hill.

Meeting Location, Time and Sign-up:

Meet in the Safeway parking lot in Monroe (north of the McDonald’s restaurant on
Highway 2) at 9 AM on Saturday, July 7. We will caravan to the collecting site (see
directions below). It takes about 20 minutes to drive to the parking area. The road is
suitable for any typical passenger vehicle.

The leader for this field trip is Jim Miller. If you plan to participate in the field trip, you
MUST let Jim know prior to July 6. You can leave a voice mail message on his home
phone (425-487-3861) or contact him by email ( Be sure to
give Jim your phone number so he can call you if you are not present at the meeting
location by 8:45 AM. We will depart for Stubbs Hill promptly at 9 AM. We will return
to Monroe by about 4 PM.

Driving and Hiking Directions will be made available to all registered attendees.

Things to Bring:

Lunch and plenty of fluids
Work Gloves
Safety glasses
Crack hammer if you plan to excavate into rock
Sturdy 3-pronged rake if you plan to dig in the road fill
Rock Hammer