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This is a CLASS 1 Trip

Material:  Agatized and opalized ginko wood.

Departure:  MEET at the SW corner of the Alderwood Target parking lot at 6:45 AM on April 21st.


6:45 AM    Meet at Alderwood Target

7:00 AM    Depart as a group

9:00 AM   Arrive at Cle Elm for rest stop/gas/coffee

9:45 AM  Depart for Mattawa

10:45 AM  Arrive Mattawa Grocery for bathroom stop/snacks

11:15 AM  Depart for Collecting Site

11:45 AM  Arrive at Collecting Site

3:00 PM  Depart for Mattawa

3:30 PM   Arrive at Mattawa Grocery Store for snack/bathroom break

4:00 PM  Depart for Cle Elm

5:45 PM  Arrive Cle Elm for gas/dinner/rest/coffee

6:15 PM  Depart for Lynnwood

8:00 PM  Arrive Target Alderwood.

NOTE:  There are no bathroom facilities or water sources at the collecting site.

Equipment list:

ALL items in the standard list PLUS:

Large and Small Garden Shovel
GeoPaleo Pick or pick axe
Large Lowes/Home Depot bucket
At least 3 liters of water, 2 to drink, 1 or more to wash rocks.
Garden Gloves
Sturdy jack/cold weather clothing (temp can drop to 30 degrees, wind can blow at 40 MPH at the site)
Safety glasses
Food and snacks for the afternoon

Additional equipment:

Crack Hammer
Pry bar
assortment of chisels (NOT Dasco...these are too soft for rock and masonry)
Rock Hammer
Sledge Hammer

REMEMBER:  You can collect 25 pounds of rocks (that's about half a bucket full) plus one other item of any size, per day