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MRGC Field Trip Procedures

posted Feb 14, 2012, 11:49 AM by Maplewood Admin   [ updated Feb 14, 2012, 11:50 AM ]

Field Trips with MRGC

       The Field Trip Division offers outings to collecting locations throughout our state.  Trips are open to all MRGC members in good standing, and are designed to provide access to good material, geologic and Earth Science education relevant to each of the locations, and an opportunity for fellowship with other MRGC enthusiasts.  Each trip follows a standard itinerary, and trips are usually posted on the MRGC web site at least 2 weeks in advance of the outing.  Most trips are posted months in advance.  A new on-line Field Trip Calendar for members only allows easy access to dates and times for all events.

Attending a trip.

All interested attendees are required to sign up by completing the online form, available on the Field Trip section of our web page, or by contacting the  trip Leader by email or phone prior to the trip.  Sign up must be completed 24 hrs prior to each trip. Individuals who are not signed up will be not allowed to participate.  This is for logistical and safety reasons. 

             Before considering a trip, be sure to check the Difficulty Classification.  A key to interpretation is on the Field Trip section of our club web page.  We urge you to consult this each time you consider attending one of our trips.  A very short approach, or no approach at all is required for many trips.  However, some outings may require a difficult hike, rock climbing skills, involve a  challenging river ford or necessitate an extended overnight stay.  Always know what will be required to complete a trip, and your own abilities before signing up. 

Information about the type of material at the site, mandatory and recommended equipment lists, as well as an accurate itinerary for the day will be posted on the calendar by the trip Leader.  Always check this before each trip.  While we sometimes carry extra hammers, chisels, etc., it is never guaranteed; make sure your are self-sufficient.  A generic equipment list is provided below, and this should be considered as minimum gear for all trips.

All attendees are required to have a functioning first aid kit We are also asking everyone to bring along an empty trash bag to haul out any garbage we find at the site; remember, we are the stewards of these locations. We commit to leaving them in better condition than we found them.

Attendees are welcome to return to these areas after the trip for their own collecting, but we ask that maps and locations remain within the club; information about these sites should never, and will never be posted on the internet.  They are an important resource for our community. 

Occasionally, we will be offering outings to areas with multiple kinds of material in various locations within the field trip target location. This strategy will provide a rich diversity of material on a single day outing, as well as an opportunity for attendees to focus on locations within the collecting site that are individually appealing,   At these locations, the trip Leader may ask for volunteers to assist with triage and oversight of other attendees.  Information regarding specific needs for each trip will be posted, along with other vital information, on the field trip calendar page.  All interested members should contact the Leader as soon as possible before the trip.  

The Division is also planning to offer personal skills development courses, depending on interest  and field conditions.  These classes are designed to provide extra training which will allow access to remote and diverse collecting locations, typically out of reach for most enthusiasts.  Potential courses include ice axe skills, back country navigation, ropes and climbing, and glacier travel.  Club members already versed in these areas are urged to participate as associate instructors.  All classes are offered free of charge to club members in good standing.    

To protect our organization, a “Hold Harmless” Agreement is required to participate in any field activity, including basic classes offered by the club.  Attendees are asked to print and sign a copy of the form, which is available in the Field Trip section of our web page.  While we will make every effort to have extra forms available on the day of the outing, this is not guaranteed, and you will not be allowed to participate without a completed form. 

Basic Mandatory Equipment List:    

  • Work Gloves
  • Rock Hammer
  • Safety glasses
  • Extra water
  • Lunch
  • Change of clothes
  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • Empty Trash Bag
  • Collecting bag or backpack

      For any questions or comments, please contact me directly by email or phone.  Speaking for the Field Trip Committee and myself, we hope to see you on as many trips as you are able to attend.

Chris Herter

Field Trip Director, MRGC

Cell:  206-948-6096