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Tower Hill Info

posted Jun 5, 2013, 11:18 PM by Maplewood Admin   [ updated Jul 22, 2014, 8:23 AM ]


Leader: Nancy Ross

Remember you must sign up for this trip to attend.  Also you must sign the ‘Hold Harmless Liability Waiver’ statement.

Please read the ‘Field Trip Procedures and Operation page.

This is a Class 2-3 trip depending on how far you want to walk and how rigorous you want to pound on rocks.

There are 3 basic sites.  Site 1 is collecting in the road.  Site 2 is using a pick axe on a rock outcrop.  Site 3 is 1.2 miles in at the actual quarry.

Material: Agate, hopefully blue agate.

There is parking for only 4  vehicles at the beginning of the road to the quarry.  If the gate is open, you can’t rely on it being open when time to leave so we will be parking at the gate.  If more than 4 cars leave Target, we will meet at Fred Meyers in Monroe to combine into 4 vehicles.  There is no parking along the narrow dirt road to the quarry road.

Departure: Meet at the SW corner of the Alderwood Target parking lot by 6:45 AM on Sat. June 1

Tentative Itinerary:  Leave Target at 7 AM as a group.  Arrive at site 8-8:30 depending on need to regroup at Fred Meyers in Monroe.  Leave site 1-2 PM depending on group’s desire.  Arrive back at Target by 3:30 PM.

Equipment List:

Hiking Boots                                                            Safety Glasses if you are going to whack

First Aid Kit                                                                 rocks

Food and Water                                                      Crack Hammer, Rock Hammer, or Sledge

2 way Radio (walkie-talkie)                                       Hammer

Shovel and/or Trowel                                               Assorted Chisels (not Dasco)

Pick axe or GeoPaleo Pick if you want to really whack at rocks

Bucket for your Treasures

Garden Gloves